Please contact us before you build.

Prior approval of the RROTC HOA Architectural Committee is required for any construction of improvements, including swimming pools, fences, sheds, storage buildings, retaining walls, patios, landscaping, etc.

This is an overview of the key points from the RROTC neighborhood's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (commonly known as "deed restrictions"):

These restrictions are in place to serve several purposes:

• To maintain the value of property in the neighborhood by controlling improvements
and restricting certain types of activities and modifications to land and structures.

• To maintain compliance with environmental regulations and restrictions in RROTC's    
environmentally-sensitive area, including the prohibition of ANY clearing of vegetation in
Critical Water Quality and Minor Tributary Protection Zones.

• To comply with easements and right of ways that may affect specific property owners.

Improvement Submittal Process

Your homeowners association board has tried to make the process to obtain architectural committee approval as easy and efficient as possible. But the process is necessary to ensure that every owner's desire to improve his/her property can be given due consideration. It also provides the owner(s) and the HOA with a permanent record of actions taken under the Declarations.

Step 1:
Download and complete the RROTC HOA Improvement Submittal Form. Download a fillable .pdf form here. You may complete and email the form on your computer, or print it and complete it by hand for scanning or mailing.

The form is also available in Excel format by clicking here. You will need to have MS Excel installed on your computer in order to complete it electronically.

Step 2:
Send us the completed Improvement Submittal Form, along with your plans and specifications for improvements. Your documents may be submitted by email (preferable) or by mailing to:

Spectrum Association Management
8303 N Mopac Expy   Suite B120
Austin, TX  78759
T 512.834.3900
Attn: Ms Candace Davison

Please ensure your construction timetable allows sufficient time for the committee to respond with questions, comments and approval.

Note: any landscaping improvements that will in any way impact area stormwater drainage and/or the Barton Creek Greenbelt environs MUST be approved in writing from the area water authorities:

  • Travis County Water Control and Improvement District #20
  • c/o Crossroads Water Utility  •  512.246.1400

or visit their website for further information and PRIOR to beginning construction.