Mandatory Water Restrictions in Effect

The Lower Colorado River Authority [LCRA: supplier of our water prior to our Water District #20 processing it] has requested all of its customers to voluntarily conserve water. This summer has the potential to be one of the driest in recent history.

To help in this conservation effort, please observe the following lawn-watering cycles:

  • Odd No. Addresses:  Wednesdays ONLY
  • Even No. Addresses: Thursdays ONLY
  • Commercial Addresses: Tuesdays ONLY
Please do NOT irrigate between 10AM and 7PM.

Also, please check your irrigation system for leaks, which if left unrepaired, will cause overwatering in areas of your yard.

If you have any questions, please contact the District's General Manager, Gary Spoonts, at or 512.246.1400.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

This report is a summary of the quality of the water provided by our local Travis County Water Control and Improvement District #20.

Please click here to download a .pdf file of the latest report.