Smartphone app from the Travis County Sheriff's Office

The Travis County Sheriff's Office has a new smartphone app called iWatch Travis County. It is still in the approval process with Apple but is up and running on Android.
The app allows you to send in tips, photos and or video concerning suspicious or criminal activity anonymously from your smartphone. You can also register your contact information to get alerts.

To download the Android app, go to the Play Store and search iWatchTravisCounty and click on the download button. The app is free. I will send out another email as soon as I am informed that the iPhone app is available.
Visit this iWatchTravisCounty website to text, email or phone-in tips and photos.

Common Sense Security Recommendations For Your Home

This memo recommends a number of SECURITY DEVICES, most of which can be purchased at home improvement stores. Nearly all are easy to install, and most are quite inexpensive, with their typical costs being shown throughout the memo. The memo also recommends SECURITY PROCEDURES—those creating an illusion that someone is at home when no one is.

The recommendations are based on the author’s years of experience in the residential security arena and are logical extensions of the axiom that anything making it harder, longer, noisier, or more worrisome for the burglar to enter will better protect you.

The first eleven recommendations—plus the smoke alarm and pool yard recommendations—are by far the most important ones for security and safety. The memo has many more recommendations; and the more of these you utilize, the safer your home and family will be…and the more peace of mind you will have. 

Download the memo here (29-pg .pdf).