General meetings of the Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association take place annually.

The 2010 Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. annual general meeting took place on March 30. 2010; a summary will be posted after approval at the 2011 meeting.

The 2009 Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. annual general meeting took place on March 31, 2009.


1) Financial Report  There was discussion of the budget and its presentation to the homeowners.It was requested that in the future it be printed so as to compare budgeted vs. actual expenses.There was also discussion of the insurance policy and the possibility of donating association parkland to the county so as not to pay taxes on the land.

2) Election of the Board Members  Four Board positions were up for re-election: Cindy Nelson, Nellie Slayden, Rose Davis, and Martin Prisant were elected to the Board.

3) Old Business

  • Jackie Hart-Reutz asked to continue with the Welcome Wagon committee
  • Landscaping of the different entrances was discussed with volunteers being recruited for help with the Furlong entrance.4) New Business

4) New Business
  • The bidding process for the management company was discussed.
  • It was requested that community bulletin boards be posted. It was agreed that this would be possible only at the Beardsley entrance.
  • Rose Davis offered to look into issues in relation to Barton Creek access and dredging.

  • Oak Wilt suppression was discussed.

  • There was concern expressed over the high rate of speed many cars travel the neighborhood streets. Rose Davis offered to look into signage and other options from the county.

The 2008 Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. annual general meeting took place on March 24, 2008.


1) Financial Report  There is a balance in excess of $50,000; this is more than would usually be held in the account, however there was a surplus from the special assessment for the Beardsley mailboxes that is anticipated to be used on Furlong and Newhall for mailbox/landscaping improvements. 2008 Budget:  There is an increase in the management fee which is tied to the Cost of Living index.

2) Election of Board Members  Three directors were re-elected to the board.

3) Solicitors  Homeowners should be aware that there are groups of young people soliciting for magazine sales occasionally in our neighborhood. These ‘sales’ are actually a scam and you will pay your money, but will never receive the magazine. There is a “no soliciting” policy and sign posted, and the best thing to do is to refer them to that policy.

4) Barking/Loose Dogs:  Several neighbors voiced concern over barking and loose dogs.   Homeowners are asked to call the management company when they notice a dog that is not leashed or fenced.  There is already a covenant in place prohibiting loose animals and the management company will contact the offending homeowner.

5) Welcome Wagon:  A resident would like to begin a Welcome Wagon committee.  It was asked if the management company would contact her when there is a transition at a residence so that she may be in touch with the new homeowners and make them feel welcomed to the neighborhood.

6) Old Business:  Beck and Co. presented the proposals received from two trash companies for community-wide trash collection. She stated that these would be for the term of 1year and then the contract would be up for renegotiation.There was discussion as to the benefits and particulars of the proposals and then it passed unanimously. 

The 2007 Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. annual general meeting took place on March 6, 2007.


1) Financial Report  Adriane Carbajal from Beck and Company provided the financial report. She explained the Association currently has a balance of $10,000 more than anticipated. The items of note in the expense category for 2006 were the purchase of new mailboxes in March 2006 and legal fees associated with negotiations with the Beardsley office building complex.The board has approved the 2007 budget. It includes a 10% increase in utility expenses, however annual dues will stay the same.

2) Dues  A one time Special Assessment to cover costs associated with building a structure around the mailboxes on Beardsley Lane was discussed. It is estimated to be between $100-200. After some discussion, the board asked for an informal vote on the subject to ascertain the interest of the homeowners in following through with this idea. There were 16 yeas and 2 nays.

3) Election of Board Members  Four new directors were elected.

4) Owner Comments and Suggestions  It was requested that the directories be kept up to date and to please ensure that they are delivered to new homeowners when a property changes hands.

The 2006 Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. annual general meeting took place on Thursday, April 20, 2006.


After the administrative business was taken care of, several items of interest were discussed by board members and attendees.
1) Website  The new website ( was discussed and RROTC homeowners were encouraged to check there for updates and info.  For any updates, changes, suggestions, please submit them via the website or to Greg Greeson.
2) Delinquencies  Because there have consistently been homeowners who have been delinquent in paying dues, the board presented a new protocol to be used in the collection process.  These were adopted by those in attendance and it was suggested that the guidelines will be placed in all new homeowner packets.
3)  Beardsley Office project update  After exhausting all avenues of helping the developer acquire an entrance on/off of Bee Caves, the board is resigned to the fact that this office development will have a cut through on Beardsley.  Trying to make the best of this situation, we have met with the developer and presented them with a wish list of things we would like to have them do.  At this point they are amenable to many of our ideas, but have not committed to anything.  Some of the items on the list include: 
  • Developer to take over landscaping/maintenance of median on Beardsley
  • Rob Roy on the Creek sign and Beardsley sign to stay in present position
  • Establishment of a deceleration lane for entrance into their complex
  • Striping of Beardsley to delineate turn lanes
4)  Mailbox Modifications  The HOA has been informed by Travis County authorities that our mailboxes are a traffic hazard where they are presently positioned and must be moved off the road at least 10 feet. So far, one bid for building them into a more permanent structure has been obtained for approximately $30,000.  The Beardsley Office project developer has stated that he would be willing to have some of his subcontractors work on this project for us at a considerable savings. Pricing has yet to be discussed, but it is hoped that we would be able to make improvements to all three area mailboxes to bring them up to the standard that we would like our neighborhood to project.

5) Subdivision of Lots  After researching this issue, the board has determined that it is not necessary at this time to spend money on legal fees to amend our bylaws to prohibit subdividing lots.  The main reason for this is that if a lot is subdivided at this point, it would be subject to a re-plat by the City of Austin and to subsequently much stricter guidelines commensurate to the Critical Water Zones of Barton Creek.  There are not many, if any, lots that would be able to be subdivided and then actually built upon pursuant to the neighborhood building guidelines.

6)  Directories  It was requested that a new directory of homeowners be published. The management company will undertake this project in which there will be an opt-out provision, so that homeowners not wishing to be in the directory may so state.